More About Kingray

F or over 6 years Kingray ’s mission has been to design ways for people to be comfortable outside via portable outdoor furniture.
  We make camping chairs, camping cot, camp table, clotheshorse, etc that are simple in design, easy to use, set up quick and pack down small to make getting from point A to point B easy.
  We use more refined manufacturing techniques to ensure that the top quality materials we use can withstand the test of time.The company consistently meets and exceeds the extreme demands of Emergency Relief and Military Troop Deployment worldwide.
  Today, Kingray's reputation for quality, strength, and comfort is well accepted by many big brands worldwide. Kingray is good at designing hot products,and you are very welcomed to design with us!
  Kingray is very dedicated to customer service:

  • Customizing solutions for extreme needs

  • Responding with a sense of urgency to meet customer needs

  • Professional Support to Our Products and to Your Market.

Sewing workshop


Sewing workshop 2

Kingray's Showroom


High Frequency Welding Workshop

Load-Bearing and Impact Testing Device


Device test Anti-rust &Preservative capicity

Workshop Spray paint Metal Pipe


Impact test For Chairs

KingRay‘s Timeline

  • 2009

  • 2009

    Cooperate with Trinidad and Tobago’s army sourcing agents
  • 2010

    Cooperate with Uganda army
  • 2011

    Cooperate with US brand “JGR COPA”
  • 2012

    Cooperate with famous US beer brand “Budweiser”
  • 2013

    Cooperate with Kenya Government
  • 2014

    Cooperate with UK big online pet retailer “the original
  • 2015

    Negotiating with some US big brand

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