Case Ⅰ

Client‘s Name JGR COPA(US Famous Brand)
Purchased Items: Sand chair, Low Back Beach Chairs,Etc
Contact: Jack(General Manager of JGR COPA)
Requirement: Dozens of Colors and styles

     I t’s near autumn Canton Fair’s Phase 2 when we first get Jack’s email.
    Before Jack came to China,we have already send him 12 samples.
    These samples are not easy tasks.In his enquiry,Jack just gave us some pictures and approximate specification.We worked very carefully to figure out all the excat numbers and know all JGR COPA’s quality requirement.And we worked very hard to be able to finish all these samples within ten days.
    Jack said Kingray’s quotation is the most professional one he ever got.That’s a very good beginning of our cooperation.So after Jack arrived at our factory,he tell us that we need to negotiate 14 procurement programmes in one day.After 4 hours’ negotiation,Jack was very satisfied with not only the products’s detail and our short lead time but also we can put different colors cloth in the same container.The cooperation between us can help him to be the brand leader by a huge margin.
    After we start cooperating,because of our effective communication、quality and delivery on time,our shipments grow from 5x40HQ to 30x40HQ.And Kingray become a significant part of Jack‘s supplier system. Kingray is very gratefully for JGR’s help and support.Together we become much stronger.

Case II

Client‘s Name The Original(UK Big Retailer)
Purchased Items: Pet Cot
Contact: Mike(Purchase Director)
Requirement: Product Must be Very Stable

     I n the primary bidding,Mike choose Kingray to go to the second round negotiation.
    Later he found out not only kingray’s products get better quality ,but also our price is More Competitive .Mike thought he can greatly reduce local Wholesalers and retailers’ rejection rate by choosing kingray.
    Mike want different kinds of pet cots.The pet cots’s size is different, they must be anti - bacteria,and they should be easy to assemble.What’s more they must be very very stable on the ground.This is very challenging.We study Mike’s sample very carefully,and we did a lot of modification.
    It took us 8 day to prepare all 6 samples to Mike.The good news was Mike is satisfied with everything-the spray-paint,the color of Tesilin cloth,the package.
    However we have disagreement with Mike on the quantity.Mike want 6 different kinds of pet cot,3 different colors for each size,all put in the same container.This number is like retail and significantly affect the total cost!We immediately held a meeting with production department.At last,we got a solution for this order Without raising any Price. After knowing this,Mike sent a thanks letter to us because this kind of order can do great help to their sales.Later,Mike’s business got better and better therefore his order become bigger and bigger.

Case III

Client‘s Name Kenya Military
Purchased Items: military camping cot
Contact: David(General Manager)
Requirement: Delivery in the Nairobi airport in 30 days

     T hat’s the end of November when David first met us.
    Before David met Kingray,he have already visited 5 professional military cot manufacturer,one of whom promised to deliver in 35 days.And 35 days is a quick delivery in the busy time.
    What worried David most is he must prepare 5000 military cots,the excat number that Kenya military rejected,to be flown into Nairobi airport within a month.When David told us about the situation we fully understood it’s really urgent,for we already had rich experience to work with military before David.So we call a emergency meeting of several key suppliers that night to find a solution for David’s problem.And we together made an emergency plan for David in just one hour. Luckily,we were able to get everything stick to the plan.The 19th day after we got David’s downpayment,Kingray had already finish all David’s order.When David checked all the products Kingray had made,he gratefully shaked our college-Lisa‘s hands and said” kingray is very very very good”.Kingray’s delivery time ,the quality of customized cloth for military cot and the load-bearing ability had exceeded David’s expectation
     Before David come to Kingray‘s factory,he had already got in touch with 3 airlines.But when we hearded their prices,we told David we could reduce the cost by7% by choosing to the airline we had contract with.And David was more than happy to take our suggestion.So,as we planned,in the mid-day of the 27th day, the 5000 military cots manufactured by Kingray,arrived at the Nairobi airport On time.